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Finally, a book that gets to the heart of one of the most vital of all skills: Negotiating!  Negotiating is one skill everyone needs to get more of what they want—to sell more, to keep costs down, to manage better, to strengthen relationships—TO WIN! Whether or not you realize it, you're a negotiator, and to hone those skills NEGOTIATE TO WIN is for you.

NEGOTIATE TO WIN Has One Goalto immediately and meaningfully improve your negotiating skills.  Jim Thomas, World-Renowned Negotiating Coach, has helped tens of thousands negotiate their way to greater success.  From the profusion of negotiation theories, strategies, ploys, and gambits, he's extracted the techniques that work, again and again, in the real world.  He's packed them into this intense, irreverent, boisterously funny book!

NEGOTIATE TO WIN is Unique; it’s the first and only book that shows you practically, comfortably, and comprehensively how to negotiate. It arms you with a wealth of powerful new ideas that you can use the very next time you negotiate.  NEGOTIATE TO WIN is a must for anyone looking for a practical, no-nonsense approach to negotiating more successfully.



Is a powerful "how-to" book that concentrates on results.

Gives you the power of better negotiating.

Is the only book written by a Professional Negotiator.

Is unique, practical, focused, comprehensive, and fun.


Will improve your negotiating skills!


NEGOTIATE TO WIN is practical.  There are many successful books about negotiating, but this is only book about HOW to negotiate.  Instead of the theory, trivia, clichés, and war stories of other works, Negotiate to WIN has the real down-to-earth, functional, pragmatic information that readers crave. It provides concrete, understandable, smart, immediately-usable instruction in how to negotiate, along with specific guidance in a variety of special situations including international and intercultural negotiations.  It doesn’t bury the reader with 1,000 or 100 things to do, but just 21 Rules.  Even the 21 Rules of negotiating are rank-ordered by importance; only 7 are critical.

NEGOTIATE TO WIN is comprehensive.  Every other book on the market overlooks one or more key topics, such as psychological origins, comparisons with other interpersonal skills, historical examples, ethics, international concerns, day-to-day applications, and most importantly, a comprehensive list of the actual techniques.  Far more than a simple how-to book, it skillfully blends the nuts and bolts of negotiating with historical, scientific, ethical, cross-cultural, and practical material for a complete and richly illuminating treatment of the subject.

NEGOTIATE TO WIN is the only book written by a professional negotiator for the sole purpose of helping you negotiate better.  The vast majority of books on negotiating are written by college professors and other non-negotiators.  The handful written by real negotiators are long on anecdotes about the authors’ past triumphs but short on practical advice for the reader. Negotiate to WIN focuses entirely on building your negotiation skills.

NEGOTIATE TO WIN is written by Jim Thomas.  Negotiating has been the heart of Jim’s 30-year law practice.  His experience includes mergers and acquisitions, domestic and international business transactions, arms control, the environment, trade and diplomacy, real estate, labor relations, and a host of other fields. His clients range from Fortune 500 companies and federal, state, and local government agencies to small and mid-sized businesses, non-profit groups, and professional and trade associations. Jim’s current negotiating projects include some of today’s most newsworthy domestic and international issues. 




Jim served the United States in the successful Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) negotiations with the former Soviet Union and the GATT (now WTO) trade negotiations. In 1977, Jim wrote and presented a pre-negotiation briefing for a client that dramatically improved attendees’ negotiating skills. He expanded this material into a workshop and, in 1982, offered it to the general public. Jim’s original briefing has become one of the leading negotiation programs in the world and the recipient of numerous awards for excellence.  Tens of thousands of Jim’s students and listeners have asked to buy a book presenting his uniquely practical approach, and now they have it in NEGOTIATE to WIN.


NEGOTIATE To WIN is fun!  Negotiating is a challenging, stressful subject that goes down a whole lot easier with the big dose of humor.  It's lighthearted, upbeat, often hilarious style makes it hard to put down! Jim’s writing and speaking style is frequently described as “a combination of negotiator, lawyer, and standup comedian.”  “If I can make people laugh, I can make them learn,” says Jim. Jim is the author of scores of articles about negotiating.  He is a frequent guest on television and radio and a popular speaker and trainer for corporate, government, trade and professional groups.  Jim is the founder and owner of Common Ground Seminars, Inc. where he holds the title of Director Emeritus. Jim is a graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles (magna cum laude) and The Georgetown University Law Center.


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NEGOTIATE TO WIN is one of the best


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"Until NEGOTIATE to WIN I though krunch was a thing you did with potatoe chips.  Our organization has employed Jim's negotiation strategies for over 15 years, not only to our benefit, but also to the benefit of our business partners.  Jim's Win-Win strategy guarantees that everyone walks away from the table feeling like a FAT CAT!" 


Jim Davis

Creator of the Garfield Comic Strip


"NEGOTIATE to WIN is the only negotiating book you'll ever need.  It's required reading and an absolute must for anyone who wants the edge in negotiating."


June Blocklin

Vice Chairman, Young & Rubicam

"Jim Thomas is a good man to have on your side of the table if you're hammering out a contract with a huge corporation, or an unfriendly nation. NEGOTIATE to WIN gives away the tricks of"


William Hjortsberg


"One needs to look no further for guidance in the art of negotiation.  In NEGOTIATE TO WIN, Jim Thomas offers keenly practical guidance on how anybody can be successful at negotiating."


Mike Matz

Executive Director, Campaign for America's Wilderness








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